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Packaging Design - 5 Things to be Mindful of in your Packaging Design

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Telling the Brand Story

Packing at its core provides education on the product, but it can and should also share the brand messaging. It should include some details that really project the brand values and what makes that brand one of a kind. You need to find the purpose of your brand, what is the soul, what makes you completely unique from everyone else in the market. It needs to be authentic, it needs to be true to the company ethos and really project the core values.

Simplicity and Clarity

You have to simplify your label and share the things that really matter, what will immediately capture and create emotion in your viewer. You need to enhance your product experience, by keeping with a simple and clear concept.

Strong Hierarchy

Pay special attention to the hierarchy of the message you are sharing. What is the most important information, it will depend on the brand that we bring the focus to, there is no one right way, it depends on the individual brand and their brand story; it will also depend on your competitors and what they are doing.

Choosing the Right Packaging Material

Products aren’t only meant to be looked at but also meant to be felt. Having a package that looks good and feels good creates an emotional reaction to your brand and product. We need to create something beautiful, but also something mindful of the environment and the impact it will have on our environment long term.

Functionality + Practicality

Being mindful of not only how the product looks but how functional the packaging is. It first a

nd foremost needs to be easy for the consumer to use. Your product should be adding value to your consumers life, that packaging should be included in that. What is the best size and shape, how shippable is your product, what's the environmental impact of your product in shipping.

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