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You have an exceptional product it is time to take it to market! I have created a 8 week course specifically designed to help meet the unique needs of CPG Brands. Together we walk through each step of brand development  process so you have the knowledge, skills, and tangibles needed to successfully launch your food business.


1. We work through the 4 Pillars of a well built brand Purpose - positioning - personality - perception

2. I take what we have learned about your business and build Your custom brand identity. Including your logo, sub-marks, typography, colors and more! 

3. Once we have your brand pillars and identity in place we work together to set growth benchmarks and work through building your brand confidence helping you and your business thrive. 

4. We finish with how to take your brand presence Online and how to define, implement, and evaluate your Brand strategy. 


Digital Deliverables

You're not just getting 12 weeks of coaching, strategy and support, you are getting all the digital goods you need to launch your business too!

The Brand | Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Alternatives Marks, Custom Color Palette, Typography Selection and Styling, Custom Pattern, Print, Digital and Active Files, and more.

Brand Vocabulary - Keywords to include when speaking about, showing and sharing your brand, on packaging, Online and in person .

The Basics | Business Card Design, Email Footer, and One Flex Design from the following Hang Tag, Sticker, 4x6 Mailer, Stationery, Sales Sheet, Thank You, Card, T-shirt, Tote Bag, Wax Seal or Rubber Stamp.

The Goods | A Curated Style Guide - A visual guide to inspire your future designs, photography, and creative style. 
Sample Packaging -  A simplified sample packaging design to show how your brand will come to life on store shelves. *Not a Print Ready or FDA regulatory design.

Social Media Start Pack - A sample styled Instagram feed, social media profile graphic and banner, 6 Canva templates for feed and stories; so you can confidently start posting and sharing right away! 

The Bonus | Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Printable Goal Setting Calendars
Brand Strategy Template - A printable template to help you update and achieve your yearly 
Brand strategy. 


8 Weeks Of one on one business and brand Strategy, coaching and customized support. 

I understand that this is a big time and financial commitment! I promise I want to see your brand succeed as much as you do. I believe that small businesses should have access to all of the support and strategy that large businesses do!  

A beautiful custom brand identity designed to take your product to market and reach your customers.

Pixel Perfect is what I strive for. Together we will work through the brand strategy, but it is my job to create a beautiful brand identity that will bring your business to life! 


Quick fixes, generic templates,  uninspired design.

There is no easy way to a successful brand, it takes time, effort and teamwork to build a strong brand and brand identity.

8 Weeks of empty promises about positive mindsets and manifesting.

I believe that a positive mindset is key to reaching success, but it is the work, intention and strategy that will actually get you there.

Trendy generic design

My goal is to build a brand that will stand out from your competition while being unique to you. We are leaving generic and trendy at the door and creating something one of a kind, just for you. 

3 Scheduling options to fit your unique business needs

Culinary Creative can be broken into 3 schedule options depending on what will serve you and your unique brand challenges best.  

2 Months | weekly sessions
4 Months | 2 sessions a month


A certain degree of success is simply timing, 
The most important thing is to be ready. 

You will never find success, 
If you are waiting for success to find you. 

Crystal Golden Graphic Designer Brand Specialist Portrait


Ready to start building your new brand? Want to learn more about my creative processes and what goes into creating your completely custom logos and brand kit? Schedule your free discovery call and take the first step in building your new brand!

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