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I am Crystal a Graphic Designer and Brand Specialist. I have been studying and working in the design field since I was 15, with 7 years of professional experience, and a deep passion for all things branding, illustration, and infographics. 

I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Colorado; with my incredible husband Adam and dog Lyra. If I'm not working on a design project I can promise you will find me in the mountains, hiking and soaking in the epic beauty, or at home editing landscape photos from our adventure. 

I am a lover of all things outdoor, nature and wilderness. This love of adventure took hold when Adam and I took off for a year to live tiny on the road and traveling to 26 states, and a dozen National Parks Watch the Video. While we dream of traveling again one day, for now, we are so happy to call this beautiful state home! 

Crystal Golden

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