I'm Crystal Golden Brand Designer, Brand Coach + Photographer. I started my creative career in high school committing to graphic design in my Junior year. From there my deep passion for branding grew while I attending West Virginia University. It was then that I realized that helping passionate creators and entrepreneurs define and refine there brand is what set my soul on fire.

In the late summer of 2016, Adam and I  married after almost 10 years of dating! We took off on our biggest adventure yet, a 10 month trip across the US in a 21 foot, 1998 StarCraft camper that we had repaired and remolded into our first home. Our mission was to find a place to call home, we had been to a few cities but never took the time to really see and enjoy the people and culture. Taking the slow route meant we could spend all the time we wanted wherever we wanted. We didn't realize that our trip would also give us the space we needed to find our true passions.

After 10 months, 22 States and 12 national parks we landed in Denver Colorado. We knew we loved Denver and if nothing else could compare that is where our trip would come to an end. It hasn't been the easiest adjustment transitioning from life on the road but we are both chasing our passions and spending our downtime immersed in these mountains we now call home! 

We have our eyes set on a new adventure for 2020 while we won't be returning to the road just yet, we are working towards purchasing our own little piece of Colorado. Our dream is to get out hands dirty once more and build our own little homestead. Hopefully with lost of trees, rocks and maybe even a little stream.