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A 12 week brand + business accelerator coaching course.

Understand, establish and elevate your personal brand. 

Inspire your ideal clients, find purpose in your passion and take your brand a step beyond!


welcome to basecamp!

NEW IN 2020

building your brand basecamp

want to build and irresistible brand that attracts dream clients and fuels your passion, start by building a strong base! In basecamp we build your base so you can move forward with clarity and confidence! In 12 weeks you will move through the 4 stages of basecamp taking you from discovery to summit and a step beyond! 

week 1

what is a strong brand + why does it matter

week 2

understanding you as an entrepreneur



You are the core of your business, your mental well being affects how you feel about yourself and how you run your business. Your clients like you are smart and intuitive, you might think your hiding your stress, frustration or disappointment but your clients are seeing it.


Taking the time to better understand yourself and the roll you play as entrepreneur creates a powerful core to build from. Together we will explore and learn more about the dream brand you want to build.

You have an idea, a vision a million dollar idea, you have been thinking about it for months maybe even years, you sit at your computer at work thinking if only I could bring my business to life.

I have been there! I get it, I know what its like to hate your job and feel lost in the vast sea of life. I also know how hard it is to have a business idea that you can never seem to execute. Its a real struggle and for most entrepreneurs that is the road block keeping you from your success. 

Let's discover what sets your soul on fire, we dig into the kind of entrepreneur you are, the visionary or the one getting it done, we learn about what you love and hate so we can start building your road map to success.

week 3 Finding your WHY

the reason we are here

week 4 Passion Project vs Money Maker

why not both!

week 5 Problem Solver

what you do for your customers

week 6 your WHO, WHY, WHEN and WHY

defining your ideal client



week 7

finding fears + facing them

week 8 drawing your trail map

goal setting for success.

week 9 setting your compass fo success

defining your mission + vision. 



It's time to get down to business, we know your own personal version of success, we know what you want to create, we know what gets you fired up, we know who your ideal client is now its time to start bring the pieces together. 

This is the big climb, we are out from the forest and you finally have a glimpse of the summit we are working towards. It's time to get technical and start planning the future of your brand! 

Ready, set, go! But not without a plan. Its time to take action, you see the life you want, you know the business you want to build, now its time to plan and get going. Its time to bring everything together and get to work. 

Together we will come up with actionable steps and goals for you and your business, we will reflect on where you started and where you are going, and you will learn tips and tools on what to do when you get in a little stuck. We will discusses tactics for when things don't seem like they are progressing as expected and what do to when your vision shifts a little. 

This is when we finish your road map and set your compass so you can keep on track even when things get tough. 

week 10 building your basecamp

defining your irresistible brand

week 11 + 12 bringing it all together

how to use your new brand to reach goals, attract clients and fuel your passion!



what's included in basecamp

12 weeks of private 60-90 min coaching sessions

12 weeks of structured course work

12 weeks of brand growth exercises

unlimited support via Marco Polo Video, Text + Email

Printable Course Journal

Printable Goal + Strategy Calendar

Printable Brand Analysis Workbook

what will you learn in basecamp

in basecamp you will build your own custom brand trail map and set your compass for success.


brand confidence + clarity

infuse your personality into your own vibrant brand

find your personal version of success

understand and focus on the cornerstones of your brand


client clarity

who is your dream client and how to attract them


brand strategy

how to use your brand to grow your business 


business strategy

action focused goal setting

learn to analyse your success to elevate your future

ready to start building your brand basecamp?

Let's schedule a discovery call! Together we can sit down and explore you brand vision and start your expedition!

frequently asked questions



I have a vision but it isn't coming together.

Have you been struggling with your brand, feel disconnected or lost? Its normal to fall of course in the process of building your business, taking the time to invest and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the role you play in your brand and the role your brand plays in your life will set you on the course for confidence and success. 



Why should I focus on personal development? 

When building a powerful personal brand you need to be in tune with your true self. It is easy to lose your way, change direction, or forget your purpose in the early stages of brand development. My focus is to help you understand yourself, your role in your business, build confidence and provide a place to challenge ideas. Taking the time to gain a clear understanding of yourself, will help you gain a clear understanding of your business. 




What happens when I am done with baseampe?

After you have completed  basecamp and your are ready to start taking action, you can either continue with essentials coaching, flexible coaching sessions designed around your immediate needs  and designed to keep you on the trail and moving in the right direction. Or you can take off on your own and be confident knowing you can always come back whenever you need a little extra support! 


Basecamp Brand Coaching has been carefully crafted to target the most frequent needs of my clients, but I know every client is unique. For this reason I customize my program to fit each individual, so you can breathe easy know you will get exactly the support you need!

wild, passionate, adventurous.

reach your summit and go

a step beyond

Let's schedule a discovery call! Together we can sit down and explore you brand vision and start your expedition!

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