Grace + Paul | A Weekend Getaway in the Rockies

Grace and Paul came out to Denver to catch as show at Red Rocks and spend a few days enjoying the mountains in full summer flower bloom. In the mix of beer tasting and show going we decided to take off a morning hike by climbing up to Mount Spalding, in the Mount Evans Wilderness. They braved the early morning cool weather, and altitude during the climb and we took a needed breather when we reached the halfway point a rocky outcrop with a stellar view of Chicago Lakes below. This is where we decided we want to grab there more formal portraits, so off came the hiking gear and on when the summery outfits. Just in time for the snow and sleet to start. ❄

We all hung out on the mountain as long as we could muster, cold wind blowing and cloud rolling in we started our way back down. Unfortunately the clouds never lifted and we were left with a grey day rain falling. So we grabbed a coffee at the nearby lodge before heading back to the sun and warmth of the lower elevation.

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