Anniversary Getaway to the Great Sand Dunes

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

It's not everyday Adam and I get to take off on our own adventure! After spending nearly a year on the road you think we would get out every second we can but life has a way of getting in the way every now and then. So when we decided to go somewhere completely new to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary, you know the camera was going to make the trip! While I spend most of my time preparing for shoots or helping people plan their dream trips to Colorado its not very often I get to do the same for us. We decided to take a long weekend and head down to the dunes, we took the scenic drive through the mountains and valleys and took the time to remember all the things we love about Colorado and each other!

Even with full campsites, closed roads and the looming threat of thunder and lighting we had a dream weekend playing in what we now equate to Colorados Beach. The stream through the dunes was still running, odd for this time of year but we were so grateful. We walked and played and built in the wet sand and watched the water surges take our work away. Then we turned to the dunes, we climbed and ran together watching Lyra chase grasshoppers and dig, the sun flowers were blooming, it was the perfect temperature, but it was time to turn back a storm was rolling in and building in the distance and we weren't looking to turn into glass.

We reached the stream bed once more just in time for mother nature to come alive and put on a spectacular show! It was a sunset we won't soon forget, the Great Sand Dunes are something truly amazing, another world wind swept and dry tucking into the arms of massive mountains reaching 14,000 feet into the sky.

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