12 week intensive coaching course. Understand, establish and elevate your personal brand. Inspire your ideal clients, find purpose in your passion and take your brand a step beyond!




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I teach creatives like you to refine your skills, learn new techniques, enhance your personal brand. Starting attracting your ideal client and grow your business. 





Ready to accelerate your business development and launch? Want to step past the the months of hurdles and trade them in for 90 days of hard word and intensive growth? Want to know your business inside and out and get a brand that is a bespoke fit? 

With my Ascent Entrepreneur coaching you take the time to better understand yourself and the roll you play as entrepreneur, so you can create a powerful brand and start attracting your ideal clients immediately. You will explore and learn more about the dream life you want to have and what role you will hold in your business. We develop your own irresistible brand trail map and prepare you for the ups and downs of a new business.





Have your brand started but need help bringing your vision to life? Learn how to refine and use your personal brand, build confidence in your own personal style, and pull together content and visuals to help your ideal customers understand your vision.

Flexible length coaching means we can custom tailor your coaching to your exact needs. Perfect for the individual or company that has a clear concept but needs help bringing their vision to life. 





Feeling overwhelmed by social media? Not sure what platform or posting method is right for you? Learn how to build a social media presence with impact. Together we will build a custom action plan teaching you how, when and what to post to build a greater reach and relationship with viewers. We will cover how to style you social media feeds to create a consistent look that matches your brand personally. You will learn all of the skills you need to manage a professional level social media presence, including driving traffic to your site, building you email list and much, much more. 

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