adventurous branding for untameable ideas

Its time to elevate your brand and create something truly exceptional.

I'm not just taking your idea and making pretty visuals. Together we are taking your passion, your wildly creative spirit and building a brand that can expand and grow with your adventurous dreams!  

I take your raw passion and potential and build you a brand and trail map to take you beyond what you have ever imagined.


Front ideation, to creation and all the coaching and support you need in between. Together we will create something that captivates your clients, while still being fiercely, passionately, and authentically you! 


purpose driven process

Every brand starts with a detailed look at your unhindered ideas. Together we explore the different facets of your business so I can build you your perfect brand and trail map to creative success. Together we will explore the peaks and valleys of your growing business so I can create something tailor-fit to your needs. Your completed logo and brand kit will be a completely one of a kind design built to suit you and your business perfectly. Beyond creating visuals we will work together to gain a deep understanding of where your business is going so I can create the tools you need to get you there. 

Like the perfect pair of hiking shoes, your new brand will be ready to carry you through countless adventures to come! You will be ready to launch with security and comfort that your trail is marked and your compass is pointing you in the right direction.

the biggest adventures start with a single step

 Pricing + Process + Collateral



We start our adventure, with a discovery session. We will talk about the core concept, dreams, and goals of your business. We will also discuss your why, your target market and what inspires you. 




This is the period of creation and collaboration. I will create your logo options, color pallets and visual inspiration guide to help you elevate your brand.




Our first step after discovery will be working together to gather visual inspiration. We will take a close look at what inspires you and your clients so we can create something captivating and irresistible. 




We have done it! We have reached the summit and you are ready to take off on your next big adventure using your new brand! You will receive your complete kit and all of the assets as well as a user guide to act as your trail map as you take off with your new brand. The hard part is over now its time to Step Beyond what you ever imagined and 



We will talk shop, discuss goals, vision, mission and so much more! From this I will know the direction you are heading so I can create something to carry you into the future! We will discuss ideal clients, target audiences and look at potential competition so we can see you business from all angles.


Once I have the outline for where your business and growing we can talk about what inspires you! We will work together to create a vision board that captures your adventure, whimsy and dreams so I can create you something that inspires you to share and do everyday! 


Once we have covered all of our basis the process of creation can begin! You an sit back and relax while I work my brand magic and create to complete logos concepts and create to unique color pallets for you to choose from. When your brand is complete its time to create your other goodies, including custom business card design and 3 additional designs of your choice! 

2 -3 weeks. I can take you from Discovery to Summit!  So you can be ready to launch in less time. 


Collateral + Investment

Primary Logo + Alternate Marks

Print, Digital and Active Files

Color Pallet

Brand Guideline

 Typographic Recommendations

Font Files

Inspiration Board
1 Hour of one on one Brand Coaching

Business Card Design

250 Professional Business Cards


2 custom designs from the following 

Hang Tag, Sticker, 4x6 Mailer, Stationery, Sales Sheet, Thank You Card, T-shirt , Tote Bag, Wax Seal or Rubber Stamp.

custom branding starts at $1950

more than just a logo!

Its more than just a logo. It's brand strategy + coaching! We work together to create everything you need to launch, but we don't have to stop when your brand is built. I can help with whatever you need. Websites, merchandise, photography, social media assets, and one on one coaching are just a few things we can do to continue your brands growth and development as your business grows. 

client portfolio

Flouwer Co

Bespoke Gifts

Carn Collective

Camera Jams

Amy Reczik

Jordan Newsom

HighPoint Gaming


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